About Us

Who We Are:


Restaurant industry lifer from Toronto, now lucky enough to call Bayfield, Ontario (a village on the shores of Lake Huron) home. When not spreading granola love, she can be found at her family’s restaurant, The Black Dog Village Pub & Bistro. Or at the beach. Or on a bi-weekly four-hour phone call to her sister who really, really needs to live just a little bit closer.


Partner in esteemed Toronto boutique law firm. Proud mother of two fierce and beautiful daughters. Bride-to-be of a real swell guy. Constant and relentless pursuer of justice, self-awareness and the perfect burger. Almost as good a dancer as she thinks she is.

Alysa & Ali

Best friends backed up by 25+ years of epic laughing fits, tears, hugs, silly fights, dance parties, red wine, eye rolls, side eyes, propping up, getting down, tequila, Aretha, pot-lucks, tough luck, tough talk and love unconditional.

What We Do Together:

Create, produce and market inimitable flavour-driven granolas. By hand. One 40 pound batch at a time.

How It Came to Be:

Sweetbriar Island in Callander Bay, Ontario, is the home of Ali’s childhood cottage and our official happy place (see below). Alysa would always bring up a fresh batch of Ali’s favorite granola to help the morning recovery after late night life talks and karaoke around the fire. Ali would tell her, for the 100th time, “you know, you really need to sell this stuff. I’m serious.”
One day Alysa decided Ali was right. She often is.

Sweetbriar Island Summer 2015